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Shenzhen Hengyangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: HYT) is a large-scale supplier engaged in the professional distribution of integrated circuit chips and electronic components for more than 20 years. It is a diversified comprehensive company merged by Qunsheng Electronics and Dongke Electronics. . Over the years, the company has established a global presence, with Wan Luen (HK) Supply Chain Management Co., Limited. as a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong. The concept of "Focus on the futur...

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Details determine success or failure, and quality casting is brilliant

Through the unparalleled intelligent integration of physical and digital detection and measurement connection technology, we can obtain first-class products, advanced reference materials and a large number of expert assistance, < br / > interpret the world around us. We work with you to speed up the pace of innovation, beyond all possibilities.

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